Barcelona: Pique’s words have gained attention at boardroom level


Barcelona Bartomeu will meet the defenderFrancesc AdelantadoBarcelona are currently enwrapped in a dispute between the board and the players, with the dressing room believing the club’s directors encouraged media personnel to publish an article discrediting them, and after a stinging barb after the Getafe fixture, Gerard Pique’s words have gained attention at boardroom level. Pique is often the spokesperson for the dressing room on issues that have a more political slant, it’s just his nature as a veteran player and a leader, however it’s understood that president Josep Maria Bartomeu will meet with the defender this week. On the topic of discussion will be the statement made by the defender that unleashed an earthquake within the Catalan club, with the full extent of the damage not yet fully clear. There are a lot of moving parts in this story and it’s important for communication to be clear between both parties, hence why Bartomeu will attempt to clear the air this week.